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Metacrawler and Dogpile provide Wordtracker with data that gives their database 350 million keywords per month. These "Meta" search engines do not carry their own searchable index. Therefore their keyword detail is not distorted from SEO position checking nearly exclusively done with software on major portals. Visit WordTracker for your FREE top 500 keyword report

 Search Engine Optimisation 

(optimisation is the English spelling. Americans use optimization. I live in Australia, but the real reason I spell it with an "s" is because it's an easier word to rank highly with)

Free Popularity Checker
This totally free piece of software is brought to you by Axandra & SearchEngineZ. It checks how many links are pointing to your site from each of the major search engines (Yahoo, Google etc...), and compares it with other sites of your choice.
Download here (3.1 MB) - it does not contain any spyware!

Search Spy
Watch what others are searching for, in real-time. It can give you an appreciation of the sheer variety of searches made

Popular Keywords
Lots of tools to help you work out which keywords you should be using

Free e-Book: SEO Fast Start
Written by Dan Thies, this 100-page e-book is a very well-written primer on search engine optimization techniques. I've read it, I like it.

My Site Critique Service
I used to offer a web site critique service, but I'm too busy these days. Critiques can be pure search engine optimisation, or lots of general advice.

 Non Google Toolbar way of Finding PageRank 

Plus, this tool from Daniel Brandt also gives you Alexa Rank and Yahoo Backlinks

 Oustide links worth visiting 

  • WebMasterWorld - the biggest and best forum for webmasters to exchange ideas and experiences
  • Search Engine Marketing - good value, friendly guy
  • Fantomaster - Top notch search engine positioning + optimisation, industrial-strength cloaking, stealth technology, code protection, anti-spam, admin tools, CGI + Perl scripts, freeware.
  • SEOpen - wonderful Firefox Extension with loads of great features

 SEO Toolkit 

SEO Toolkit


SEO Toolkit

The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Toolkit provides everything you need to promote and optimize your web site.

The SEO Toolkit Includes:

  • SubmitWolf PRO
    SubmitWolf PRO is an easy to use, professional website promotional tool, which automates the process of promoting your web pages on the internet. It can dramatically increase the number of visitors to your web site.
  • BeOnTop
    BeOnTop is a statistical analysis and ranking tool which will help you analyze the top results from the major search engines.
  • Meta Editor
    The Trellian Meta Editor will help you create the appropriate Meta Tags, and can be used to insert the HTML code into your web page.
  • Link Popularity
    With Trellian Link Popularity you can check your rating on a range of popular engines.
  • Bid Tracker
    With Trellian Bid Tracker you can instantly and easily scout multiple pay per click engines for the top bids on any keyword.
  • SEO Knowledge Base
    Trellian's SEO Knowledge Base offers a broad range of tips and information which can be utilized to create better search engine friendly websites and web pages.
  • Keyword Analyzer
    The Keyword Analyzer will analyze the keyword and phrase usage in your web pages. Calculate the densities and suggest all the most commonly searched terms to include in your web pages.
  • Ranking Advisor
    Trellian Ranking Advisor is the perfect 'kickstart' to developing an effective and search engine friendly webpage.
  • Ranking Analyzer
    The Trellian Ranking Analyzer will analyze not only your own pages, but also the pages of any online website, providing you with an effective means of keeping abreast with the real competition out there.
  • Reciprocal Link Checker
    Trellian Reciprocal Link Checker allows you to see which websites are linking to a particular URL.
  • Priority Submit Desktop
    Priority Submit Desktop interfaces with which is a unique Trellian service the provides Guaranteed 48 Hour listings to many major search engines.
  • Web Tidy
    Trellian WebTidy is the perfect solution to optimizing and supercharging your websites.
  • ROI Calculators
    Trellian Toolbar comes with three useful ROI calculators. CPC (Cost Per Click) Calculator, CPM (Cost Per Thousand) Calculator and the ROI (Return on Investment) Calculator.
  • Trellian Toolbar
    Trellian Toolbar is the most feature packed toolbar available online. While offering an endless array of functionality, tools and services, Trellian Toolbars unique intuitive tab menu and search functions are a pleasure to use.
  • FREE Toolbar!!

    Download the Trellian Toolbar FREE
    Download the FREE Trellian Toolbar

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