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 Quick Teoma 

Find this Phrase

Teoma  Site info at Alexa

 What's so good about Teoma?  

  • Teoma is a new search engine
  • It uses link analysis like Google, but goes further by sorting results into folders

 Advanced Teoma 

They have a Beta Advanced Search - I have been unable to get the form to work from here :(

 How Teoma works 

Default search:


Search options:

You may use + or - to include/exclude keywords. The plus sign will also include stop words. Use quotes for a phrase

lang:fr = French
lang:es = Spanish
lang:it = Italian
lang:no = Norwegian
lang:da = Danish
lang:pt = Portuguese
lang:de = German
lang:nl = Dutch

Site: - restrict searches to a specific site
Intext: - find keywords in the text
Inurl: - find keywords in the URL
Intitle: - find keywords in the title


1. Web pages : Standard results, with the search keywords highlighted
2. Web pages by topic : Results sorted by topic into folders.
3. Experts' links : Pages that contain lists of links

 How to submit your URL 

No submission form yet, but hopefully there will be one. The only way at present is by using their Beta program at - they charge $30.00 for the 1st URL and 18.00 for each thereafter

 Facts & Figures 

The name Teoma, is derived from the Gaelic word for "expert" . It is also Amo Te backwards - Latin for "I Love You".

Teoma grew out of a federally funded project in 1998 at Rutgers University. The Teoma technology team is led by Professor Apostolos Gerasoulis, who now serves as Teoma's chief technology officer, and Professor Tao Yang, from University of California, Santa Barbara, who is chief scientist and vice president of research and development.

Sep 2001: Ask Jeeves bought Teoma for an undisclosed amount

April 2002: According to Nielsen//NetRatings,, which was taken out of beta on April 2, 2002, saw a 2100 percent increase in traffic from approximately 25,000 unique users a month to nearly one million unique users in April.

Size: 1 Billion pages indexed and growing
Searches per day: ??

Popularity: 1 million unique users per month

Low number of links on their Home Page: 5


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