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Make money with eBay and online auctions.
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Start with the biggest - the most likely to have what you want

The default search is just words in the title. Selecting "title and description" can bring up a lot of irrelevant results, so use it when just by title fails


Search title and description
Price Range Between $   And $  
Order by ascending descending
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All items with Gallery preview
Gallery items only

Text only results
Accepts Billpoint online payments


VendioMore info on this site from Alexa

Just type in a keyword and Vendio (previously known as AuctionWatch) will search online auctions for you.

Most of the results will come from eBay, Yahoo Auctions and Auctions. Other sites searched include Excite Auctions, Up4Sale, boxLot, CityAuction, and Auction Universe.

Word in title:
word in title and description
  • And they can keep checking the auctions for you - automatically!

 eBay: International 

eBay is everywhere. Be sure to choose between whether the product is located in a country, or that it can be shipped there
Or just go direct to eBay Uk, eBay Canadaor eBay Australia

International Search
Search title and description
Country located available   
Order by ascending descending
View Results  All items
All items with Gallery preview
Gallery items only

Text only results



 Amazon Auctions  

Amazon are trying to be the biggest at this game too...

title title & description (more results!)
Show Only: open auctions completed auctions

Search within:

Find items at U.S. ZIP Code:
Show only items that: can be shipped to are located in

Sort by:


 Bid Find 

Bidfind More info on this site from Alexa

Not everyone uses eBay to sell their stuff. Bid Find is a meta-search of more than 100 of the smaller online auctions. Use it to be totally comprehensive.

 More Resources 

  • - biggest list of online & non-online auctions I have found
  • Bid4Assets - auctions off the assets of failed dot coms, including real estate and domain names
  • WineBid - exactly that
  • Popula - vintage clothing, books, memorabilia & collectibles
  • Internet Auction List - huge directory covering specialized auctions
  • Sporting Auction - exactly that
  • Sothebys - ancient top shelf auction house now online
  • Christies - ancient top shelf auction house now online
  • Strictly Listing - this site helps you create listings for auctions and stores. Designed for power sellers who want to post quickly and directly, and to as many sites as you desire. Your listings will stand out, have more information, and be made in less time!
  • Auction Express - run your own auction site
  • Auction Sentry - will track all your eBay auctions for you placing your bid just before the auction closes giving you the best chance of winning
  • Property Auction - real estate auctions
  • eBay Search Profits - an eBook by Barbara Ling



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