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Orbitz are owned by a conglomerate of airline companies and have a database of available fares from over 450 airlines. They only sell flights that orginate in the USA

 Smarter Living 

SmarterLiving More info on this site from Alexa
This is great for seeing airfares quickly. Just select your departure city and see a list of destinations and prices in seconds.

Find airfare bargains from your city!
Smarter Living
  • Get the most out of your frequent flier miles and learn ways to earn more. Subscribe to Smarter Living's FREE Mile Alert newsletter!

 Travel Now 

Travel Now More info on this site from Alexa
International and US domestic fares from over 300 airlines

Departure City:
Destination City:
ages 12 - 61
ages 62+
ages < 2
ages 2 - 11
  • Use city name or airport code - Las Vegas, NV, US or LAS
  • To see all their other services, check in to this page



Travelocity More info on this site from Alexa
Travelocity provides reservations capabilities for 95 percent of all airline seats sold. The first page gives registered users a chance to sign in - to bypass this click on the Try Us Out button

 Travelocity best fare finder
 Show me the best roundtrip fares for:
any date   specific dates
 Leaving from:
Going to:

 Cheap Tickets 

Cheap Tickets also have hotels, cruises, vacation packages, last-minute deals etc..

Leaving FromGoing To
Departure DateTime
Return DateTime
Number of StopsAdults


Delta Air Lines More info on this site from Alexa
Delta serves 234 domestic cities in 46 states, as well as 49 international cities in 33 countries.

Delta is the leading US transatlantic airline, offering the most daily flight departures, serving the largest number of nonstop markets and carrying more passengers than any other US airline.


Hotwire allows travelers to book airline flights, make hotel reservations and other travel arrangements at a deep discount by being flexible with travel plans.

 Some Handy Links 

 Expedia (UK) 

Expedia UK More info on this site from Alexa

Only use this link if you live in the United Kingdom. Otherwise visit their USA site

 More Resources 

  • Virgin Atlantic - my favorite airline after Air New Zealand
  • Priceline Air - "name your own price"
  • Est 1998. Very fast - reserving a flight only takes 4 clicks
  • Travel Now - search for available flights and see the cheapest of 300 airlines
  • One Travel - an extra place to compare flight prices
  • Economy Travel - offer savings between 10-40% off of published fares on 24 major airlines
  • - After a couple of clicks, there's a very smart, fully optioned, flight search
  • - Travel auctions - choose a destination and then browse for flights to bid on - opening bids are just $1
  • Courier Flights - An air travel courier is a person who carries shipping documents on international flights for a courier company in exchange for a discounted air ticket. Often the courier must forfeit his baggage allowance.
  • Airline toll-free numbers and websites
  • US Airport database

European budget airlines - Ryan Air, EasyJet & Richard Branson's Virgin Express - search many at once with OpenJet or Travel Jungle

Return flights to Spain - 30 deposit with

USA budget airlines - ATA, Jet Blue & SouthWest & Sky High

Australian/NZ budget airlines - Virgin Blue & Freedom Air

Aussie Courier Flights to London - Jupiter Air Oceania


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