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 Reverse Phone Search 

 Reverse Phone Search - USA 

This form is great for finding out where that cute guy/girl who gave you their number lives!

U.S. Reverse Phone Search
Area Code (3 digits) (required)
Telephone number (7 digits)

  • You can also try or Switchboard
  • BBB has a reverse search for business
  • You can also use Google - just enter a phone number in this format (209) 772-3614 - and see who owns it, and a map of where they live.

General location info from Melissa Data

  • Enter a full 10 digit phone number and the location will be displayed.
  • Enter a 7 digit phone number for a list of possible area codes, cities and states.
  • Enter a 6 digit area code and prefix and the location will be displayed.
  • Enter a 3 digit area code for a list of cities served by the area code.
  • Enter a city name for a list of possible area codes + prefix combinations.
Enter ZIP Code, ZIP+4 Code, City Name, Phone Number or Area Code.


  • This resource is not free BestPeopleSearch - unlisted phone numbers, cell phones, disconnected numbers, pagers and long-distance records
  • This resource is not free PhoneNumberScan - $19.95 for 1 year. All numbers are from public records.
  • This resource is not free Abika - from $25
  • This resource is not free Intelius - from $14.95, results might be out of date
  • This resource is not free US Interlink - provides licensed investigators with reverse phone and address searches, plus all unlisted phone numbers - fee $5-15.
  • This resource is not free PhoneBust - Residential land line, Cellular # or Pager #
  • This resource is not free Unlisted Phone Numbers Etcetera - very professional American service, with a large range of people-finding services.
  • This resource is not free 555-1212 - powerful, up-to-date directory service, from 10 cents per search
  • This resource is not free MasterFiles: Reach411 - 20 cents per search, $60 initial deposit
  • This resource is not free eFindOutTheTruth - reverse searches from $9.95, unlisted from $69.95
  • This resource is not free CaseBreakers - reverse searches $6, unlisted $49

 International White Pages 

Search directories for 11 Countries. Powered by SmartPages & InfoSpace.

Last Name:    
First Name:
State: (required for US/Canada)

USA also try Google or Switchboard (search all of USA at once)
Better Canadian White Pages
Better French White Pages
Different USA White Pages at AnyWho (same source, sometimes more results, sometimes less)
International Mobile Phone Directory

  • Note: To search an entire State, leave the City blank
  • Directories for specific countries are at the bottom of the page

 Reverse Phone Search - International 


  • - there is a small chance they have registered with this site
  • - millions of members, enter an email address, get their mobile number. Requires registration (be careful, it will try to send invites to everyone in your email address book)

 Handy Tip 

  • You can use Google to do a reverse phone search for any country, provided the number appears on a web page. Search for the number without the area code, with the hyphen in its normal place. A Melbourne, Australia number would look like 3456-7890. Check all the results - there shouldn't be too many.

 International Online White Pages 



[ Other directories, including Yellow Pages, are here or here or here or here]

 More Resources 

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